Housing to Wholeness

Every year AMF has found ways to engage in the on-going plight that people face in the Bay Area with the housing crisis. This year, we are proud to partner with the Diplomat’s Center in their project, “Housing to Wholeness,” which provides housing to 20 individuals who are experiencing transition for a six month period….

Artists’ Retreats

Support AMF’s inaugural Artist Retreat. In 2024, AMF will hold a nourishing Artist Retreat for our first cohort of artists in need of love, restoration, and healing. Learn more about this special project curated by AMF Co-Founder, Jora Trang, through Equity Lens Institute.

Healing the Whole Person

AMF is proud to support integrative health practitioner, Dr. Keniece Ford El, Founder of “Healing the Whole Person” in holding Community Based Integrative Wellness Retreats for Care Givers. This special project was a public health initiative for Black Women that was held in San Francisco in the Summer of 2023 and Charlotte, North Carolina in…

The Bridge Project

AMF supports the creation of a Human Centered Internet that respects the values of privacy, race and gender equity, equitable participation and diversity. AMF has partnered with Daveed Benjamin, NGI Ambassador and CEO at Skōōl, Founder of Bridgit to imagine the Next Generation Internet based on a new kind of Internet technology that Bridgit is…

Huong Viet Community Center Social Justice Class

AMF has also been engaging in more multi-media projects such as our work with Huong Viet Community Center in East Oakland which advocates and encourages the active participation and full integration of Vietnamese Americans into the East Bay Community.. The mission of Huong Viet is to promote, advance, and support the development of the Vietnamese American Community…