Housing to Wholeness

Every year AMF has found ways to engage in the on-going plight that people face in the Bay Area with the housing crisis. This year, we are proud to partner with the Diplomat’s Center in their project, “Housing to Wholeness,” which provides housing to 20 individuals who are experiencing transition for a six month period. The Diplomat’s Center is seeking funding to support their clients and their client’s housing.

Diplomat’s Center is a transitional reentry residential program that provides housing, meals, support services and resources, programming, and supervision in a safe, clean, drug-free environment. The program offers services that focus on Reentry Clients Holistic needs such as good diet, employment, job search and placement training, stress management, victim awareness, family reunification, computer literacy, and life skills. The program provides peer-driven support, assistance, and guidance to the newly released to assist parolees with successful reintegration into their communities

The Diplomat’s Center Inc. is currently the only ADA compliant Transitional Reentry Housing Facility in Oakland. Amenities will include three daily meals, landline, exercise area, desktop computer, Wi-Fi, 24-hour attendant, and common area. As well as scheduled family and friend visits after intake verification has been completed.

The project seeks to provide a stable environment for people as they work towards self-determination and sustainability. The projects seeks to make an impact that will not only include their clients, but also their family, friends, relatives, and neighbors who will witness their client’s accomplishments and progress.