Panilla's Journey, written by a father/daughter team, is about a young girls changing view of the world and the effect she and others have on it.
Naru, our Co-Founder, went on a journey of health and documented it. "The Color of Health: People, Places, & Possibilities" is our exclusive docu-series exploring health and healing. The series seeks to go back to our roots and to return to nature to explore how best to keep ourselves and
Every year AMF has found ways to engage in the on-going plight that people face in the Bay Area with the housing crisis. This year, we are proud to partner with the Diplomat's Center in their project, "Housing to Wholeness," which provides housing to 20 individuals who are experiencing transition
AMF is proud to support Panther Fist Studios for their project "The Panther Fist Studios Outreach Program" which seeks to provide one thousand persons with FREE hands-on media production and digital literacy education to further their goal to foster the importance for artistic growth, mental health and access to resources
AMF is proud to support multi-media artist, Andre Preston on his project "The Universal Fund Opera." The project is to create a live concert, "The Universal Funk Opera" that can be enjoyed both live and later through recordings. The Concert will be set in the the world of Andre Preston's
AMF is SUPER EXCITED to support long-time Board Member, Sandrine Malary's "Women on Wheels" project. To Sandrine, energy is everything! Her work focuses on facilitating energetic flow. Although she is most known for her Haitian dance, copper jewelry and visual art in the Bay Area, Los Angeles knows her as
AMF is proud to support the "Black Panther Legacy Mural" Project for Aero Soul Art, a grass roots institution made up of professional Artists and educators committed to creating solutions conducive to positive growth for young people. AeroSoul is a community institution and cultural resource that documents, promotes and develops the
Support AMF's inaugural Artist Retreat. In 2024, AMF will hold a nourishing Artist Retreat for our first cohort of artists in need of love, restoration, and healing. Learn more about this special project curated by AMF Co-Founder, Jora Trang, through Equity Lens Institute.
AMF is proud to support integrative health practitioner, Dr. Keniece Ford El, Founder of "Healing the Whole Person" in holding Community Based Integrative Wellness Retreats for Care Givers. This special project was a public health initiative for Black Women that was held in San Francisco in the Summer of 2023
Alternative Minds Foundation is proud to partner with Dark Star Universe to promote community building, nation-building, and narratives of Black self-determination by inspiring youth to create amazing works of art by upcycling e-waste and other discarded materials. You can join us in supporting this project by designating "Dark Star Universe"
AMF is proud to support the Speakeasy Storyteller Series, curated by Abdul Kenyatta. You can join us in supporting this project by designating the project in your donation. EVERYONE HAS A STORY TO TELL Stories have power. Our stories can delight, enchant, touch, teach and inspire. Stories can motivate and