The Bridge Project

AMF supports the creation of a Human Centered Internet that respects the values of privacy, race and gender equity, equitable participation and diversity.

AMF has partnered with Daveed Benjamin, NGI Ambassador and CEO at Skōōl, Founder of Bridgit to imagine the Next Generation Internet based on a new kind of Internet technology that Bridgit is referring to as the “Overweb”.

Daveed is a social entrepreneur, storyteller, and shift shaper. Like many of AMF’s artists, Daveed is inspired and motivated by his daughter. His most important identifier is “Papa.” He has harbored a passion to be Abel to look his daughter in the eyes when she is a young adult and be able to tell her that he did everything that he could to make the world a more peaceful, loving, and joyful place. Since his daughter’s birth, he has been busy creating such entities as the Post Carbon Institute, Bay Localize (which became Rooted in Resilience), Pacha’s Pajamas, and Bridgit, among many others.

AMF supports creatives like Daveed who want to reshape the internet to reach humanity’s full potential and to be accessible to everyone. Daveed wants to innovate the Internet by re-building the world’s knowledge base and reorganizing the information on the web to make the Internet more like the human brain by fostering connections or bridges on the Internet that favors longer term engagements and conversations. Daveed has received a patent for a system for creating and retrieving contextual links between user interface objects.

Pilot Testing:

The Bridge Project supported the “Fair Play Fact Check” Campaign which sought to combat misinformation in the United Kingdom Election of 2021. The hope was that the project would create a standardized cultural shift in fact checking that will revolutionize fact checking everywhere.

Fair Play Fact Check utilized Bridgit’s patented technology for crowdsourced fact checking and the, a knowledge sports platform for crowdsourced fact checking. The objective of the campaign was to implement the recommendation of over 70 organizations that weighed in on safeguarding elections and democracy in the digital age: Create a non-governmental “Fact Checker” coalition for election periods.

Daveed Benjamin, #Bridgit founder, receives the #NGIAward for Disruptive Culture Innovation at #4yfn Its time to build the #OverWeb

Bridgit was the proud recipient of the 2019 Disruptive Technology Culture Driver from the European Commission’s Next Generation Internet program. Bridgit was the only non-european company to win an NGI award. With the NGI program, Europe is taking a forward thinking approach to the future of the Internet. They reject the monopolistic and exploitative business practices of the Internet platforms in the West and surveillance models in the East. Charting a refreshingly unique course, the NGI aims to build a human-scale Internet of trust, privacy and inclusivity through innovation.