Women on Wheels

AMF is SUPER EXCITED to support long-time Board Member, Sandrine Malary’s “Women on Wheels” project.

To Sandrine, energy is everything! Her work focuses on facilitating energetic flow. Although she is most known for her Haitian dance, copper jewelry and visual art in the Bay Area, Los Angeles knows her as a model, actor, and roller skater.

Since the pandemic, roller skating has become more popular and has grown up. Most skaters know about Venice Beach, the Church of 8 Wheels and Richard Humphrey as California roller skate references, but there are other outdoor skate spots, new indoor rinks and dynamic female skaters, young and old, elevating the sport into art.

Women on Wheels is a traveling docu-series highlighting the roller skate communities in four California cities. Production is set to begin in April 2024 and end in March 2025. Filming will take place in Oakland, SF, Los Angeles and either San Diego or Sacramento, for one day in each location. Much like the format of traveling food shows, Women on Wheels offers a sampling of local roller skaters’ experiences, the places they skate, their moves and their communities. With a small team, we’ll document organic group gatherings, interview key figures, and capture cinematic shots of said figures.

You can grab a sneak peek of what the docu-series may entail by following Sandrine on Tik Tok and Instagram where you can find her roller skating up a storm.