Planet Wo! Creations

AMF is proud to support multi-media artist, Andre Preston on his project “The Universal Fund Opera.”

The project is to create a live concert, “The Universal Funk Opera” that can be enjoyed both live and later through recordings. The Concert will be set in the the world of Andre Preston’s graphic novel series “Welcome to the YOUniverse.”

“Welcome to the YOUniverse” is a graphic novel series and a wild ride inside the mind of artist/writer/musician/producer Andre E Preston. Partially based on a true story, it is a kaleidoscopic journey filled with aliens, human frailty, apocalyptic messages, and super sci-fi scenarios.

The series is beautifully illustrated and is accompanied by a soundtrack of original compositions that accompany the “YOUniverse” story, known as ‘The Universal Funk Opera,’ as well as a live stage presentation of the soundtrack, with an animated video screen presentation showing simultaneously. This is presented as the live ‘Universal Funk Opera’- or ‘U.F.O.’ for short. The ‘U.F.O.’ is performed by The Funky Heroes, a band that Andre Preston created, first as a cartoon band of aliens from different parts of the universe (mostly from a world called Planet Wo!).

The Funky Heroes perform in full costume, and the performance features moments of narration where applicable. It is the mission of Planet Wo! Creations bring joy and good vibrations to the masses by way of good, funky music, colorful, entertaining stories for a broad audience, and messages of universal unconditional Love wrapped in passionate social commentary.

Andre Preston and the Funky Heroes are aiming to perform at the Malonga Casquelord
Arts Center in Oakland, California and the Berkeley Repertory Theater in the late spring of 2024. Stay tuned for updates.

Visit Preston’s website to listen and watch videos of past performances: