Aero Soul Art

AMF is proud to support the “Black Panther Legacy Mural” Project for Aero Soul Art, a grass roots institution made up of professional Artists and educators committed to creating solutions conducive to positive growth for young people.

AeroSoul is a community institution and cultural resource that documents, promotes and develops the legacy and rich history of the African/African diaspora’s writing culture commonly known as Aerosol Art or Spray Can Art. They rely on the financial support of the community and visionaries to make change possible and accessible to young people through the arts. Their aim is to promote unity through shared experience.

Aero Soul Art is represented by Muralist Refa One who is well known for his soulful mural art pieces which can be seen throughout Oakland. For well over three decades, the Oakland native has been instrumental in the development of the innovative genre known as “Aerosol Art” (Spray Can/Style Writing). Immersed in HipHop culture as a youth, the walls of urban structures became his canvas. Refa’s refined HipHop calligraphy is inspired by a cultural tradition originating from the New York City subway art movement. A lifetime of involvement in HipHop culture and political organizing, has afforded Refa a successful career as a professional muralist, illustrator, activist, and arts educator.

“Long Live Oscar Grant” – Bart Grant Station/Fruitvale East Oakland

Not too many can miss Refa’s striking mural of Oscar Grant at the Fruitvale Bart Station nor his many murals all over the Bay Area.

“Still I Rise”, Sacramento

Forces of Nature, Oakland