Dark Star Universe

Alternative Minds Foundation is proud to partner with Dark Star Universe to promote community building, nation-building, and narratives of Black self-determination by inspiring youth to create amazing works of art by upcycling e-waste and other discarded materials. You can join us in supporting this project by designating “Dark Star Universe” in your donation.

Dark Star Universe is the brainchild of Creative Director and Writer, Refa One, and Director and Producer, Korise Jubert.

The two have come together to bring the detail-oriented world of Dark Star Universe to stop-motion film to create educational Afrofuturism. Their action packed dramas utilize the power of story telling to support their vision to enable youth to experience narratives that reflect the importance of community power, organization, and identity.

Refa One is an Oakland-based accomplished illustrator and muralist whose Afrofuturist design aesthetic has promoted African culture as a vehicle for radical, political and social change. His work has been featured internationally in various countries throughout Europe, Africa and the continental U.S. Refa is currently the director of AeroSoul, an international organization of spray can mural artists from the African Diaspora. Korise Jubert is the founder of TownFutirist Media, a company that provides high quality Video & Film Productions for artists, small business, non-profits orgs, festivals, special events, social media and documentaries. Jubert takes pride in the fact that his team is comprised of creative, talented, hard-working folks of color who enjoy making an impact on the world through visual storytelling.

Through our partnership, we hope to support Dark Star Universe in hosting workshops for youth to learn how to build dioramas from upcycled materials and to enlighten young people about different African architectural aesthetics.​ Dark Star Universe’s workshops are critical to providing youth with opportunities to be immersed in creative activities. Through these workshops, students have the opportunity to improve skills in critical-thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and communication. They are able to develop confidence and self-esteem from the experience of accomplishing a project and being able to talk about their process with their peers.

Check out their amazing videos: