Healing the Whole Person

AMF is proud to support integrative health practitioner, Dr. Keniece Ford El, Founder of “Healing the Whole Person” in holding Community Based Integrative Wellness Retreats for Care Givers. This special project was a public health initiative for Black Women that was held in San Francisco in the Summer of 2023 and Charlotte, North Carolina in the Winter of 2023.

Keniece Ford El holds a Master’s degree in Integrative Health Studies and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She uses the modalities of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and herbs, and life and wellness coaching, health education, and food therapy in her practice. She also uses the wisdom of spiritual technology to guide most sessions with her patients and clients. As an integrative health practitioner, wellness curator, and Priest, she thinks of health in terms of energy, patterns, and connections. She is always seeking to find how to harmonize disease by highlighting misalignments.

Healing the Whole Person provided Health Education experiences in San Francisco and North Carolina to empower Black Women to claim agency over their health while also providing insight to the importance of positioning the doctor as an ally to a person’s health rather than an authority.

The Themes of Healing the Whole Person™ Events were:

  • Integrative Health & Whole Person Healing Systems
  • Emotional Wellness: How Emotions Impact Health
  • Herbal Medicine – Are they safe?
  • Sexual Wellness: Is Sex Essential to Good Health?
  • Doctors as Your Allies: How to Advocate for Yourself.

Hear from Keniece about her project:

Health is sustained by a community but also by family and individuals. The interconnectedness of things – how and why people become ill – is the focus of Healing the Whole Person.