Alouba Youth Enrichment ~ EnviroWar

AMF collaborated with Alouba Youth Enrichment to present a workshop series to East Oakland youth that resulted in theatrical productions of “Abiyoyo”, an African fable, and “EnviroWar”, a student produced theatrical show highlighting some of the solutions that youth can formulate to address community environmental issues.

Below are summaries of our past projects in this area.




EnviroWar was a 12 week workshop in which youth learned about various environmental issues affecting their local community – East Oakland.

From these workshops, youth participants then authored a youth theatrical performance discussing the issues they learned and their various ideas for creative solutions to environmental problems.

Summer Enrichment Workshops, East Oakland

AMF sponsored a 10 week summer enrichment workshop in Oakland which brought together diverse families to explore different community issues in an artistic format. Enrichment workshops included exploring local marine life and water sheds and urban organic gardening. The highlight of the summer was a tent making workshop in which workshop students created sturdy rain barriers recycling plastic bags donated by local schools. Using over 500 bags, students created three tarps capable of shielding at least 5-7 families who were experiencing the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake which left many families homeless during a rainy and windy season. The tarps were then personally delivered by AMF Board Member, Sandrine Malary, a Haitian native.